Association of Membrane Separation Technology, Japan

What is AMST?
The Association of Membrane Separation Technology, Japan (AMST) was established in 1983. AMST is the leading organization dedicated to membrane technologies promotion  like desalination, water filtration and water reuse. The AMST is the only one association of having certification function of membrane filter in Japan.
 AMST conducts a range of activities including research of membrane technologies, relation and communication between government and other organizations.
 AMST is composed with the 29 companies (membrane manufacturers, engineering firms and membrane process users).

 AMST is committed to development and promotion of the appropriate use for membrane filtration technology in water supply, water reuse, waste water treatment, water purification, water treatment and other water sciences and technology. AMST carries out this mission by encouraging research, promoting and exchanging communication and disseminating information. 
     - Research and Promotion of Membrane and Membrane separation Technology
     - Certification of Membrane Modules
     - Cooperation with Related Authorities and Organizations

Background of Establishment
 The purpose of AMST establishment was the improvement of public sanitation, protection of environment and stable supply of water through membrane technologies.
 The programs provide the knowledge to the industrial community through publications, congresses, seminars, workshops and joint research programs.
AMST has the certificate institution of membrane filters using for drinking water works.
 Recently, MBR became a popular technology and AMST believes that it is appropriate to research the needs for MBR standardization and to discuss the contents of MBR standardization documents.

Membrane Module Certification conducted by AMST


Member Companies